ParisHiltonsKid, or better known as Blair Dixon, was born in Colorado and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Whether it was in front of the camera posing for his mother, who is also a photographer, or behind the lens himself taking pictures of his peers, Blair always found himself drawn to the creation of photography. While music was the original route Blair had planned to try to pursue, photography quickly became a fascination for him after moving to New York in late 2019. 

After the pandemic started in early 2020, he felt lost, like many people. But through it all, Blair decided to turn to photography.

He started by doing makeshift photoshoots in the basement of his apartment with his roommates. This soon grew into making connections with models and influencers to do larger, fully thought out shoots. 

Blair has accumulated experience both in studio and on location for photoshoots, along with styling as well.

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